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Our B2B model is tailor made to help you succeed as an education company, institute or coaching center.

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Hey Partner!

Xamplay uses the power of data analytics and machine learning to help empower education / coaching institutes, their faculty, the management and especially students with a highly personalised and whitelabelled education platform. The platform provides partners with the analytics and actionable suggestions to help them coach students (even remotely) much better or equivalent to the classroom. This is very useful to education and coaching institutes seeking to have better control over the results achieved by their students.

We currently offer our education software as a whitelabelled service to our partners on a Xamplay subdomain or custom domain. To know more please schedule a demo with us -

How do we currently serve clients?

As a startup, we currently prioritize growth with our clients. Content and Test assessment with insights and performance analytics is our core offering. We continuously keep improving it based on our learnings from both our partners and their students.

Our efforts are focused at delivering high quality feedback for learning.

You as a partner can host your content, quiz and tests on our system. Our analytics are designed to work on top of your test questions to drive the insights that are relevant to your institution.

You will be able to manage questions, students, cohort of your students and performance related information to help them succeed as individuals and as entire class groups.

Our monetization framework includes upfront costs to on a pay per user model for any direct. Costs are decided through an based on the features utilized and other factors.

We will help you with your educational needs online. Please, contact us to know more - [email protected]