Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xamplay?

Xamplay is a SaaS based learning assessment platform that provides feedback for learning through actionable insights and personalized strategy. Our B2B model is tailor made for the success of an education company, institute or coaching center. We have effectively democratized personalized strategy helping educators focus their efforts on particular topics or students that need help in certain topics.

How is Xamplay useful?

Xamplay provides an unfair advantage in exam preparation versus books, other testing or assessment platforms or students preparing on their own, because it uses intelligent learning methodologies. The platform helps you succeed by giving you the ability to identify topics based on performance, importance, difficulty level and competition. It also, helps you keep visual track of your progress. For an institute or coaching center it can help them identify poorly performing topics both at the student and cohort level.

What is the advantage of using Xamplay over other platforms?

Xamplay is the only platform that uses AI based technology to support exam preparation upto the individual subject topic level. It is built and maintained by education experts who have cracked national level examinations before and have years of experience in education. We are the only providers who have identified the key aspects that drive good scores and ranks through technology driven and strategic methodologies, over just providing scores and assessment. Our goal is to eliminate uncertainities in exam preparation so that you effectively control the outcome of students during examinations.

What is Cognitive Analytics?

Xamplay performs qualitative analysis of student performance across subject topics using our unique and proprietary group of algorithms. It starts with our patented pending answer input system for objective type questions wherein instead of just submitting your answer, you submit with your approach to answering the question. This can be either by formula/knowledge, elimination or random choice and it is proven to be universally sound with helping us deliver value. Our algorithm uses this and other hidden data points to make highly qualitative suggestions to improve performance.

How do I Partner?

We realise the need for educators and institutes to have better control over understanding student performance and improving their own coaching capabilities. Xamplay provides its test assessment tools as a whitelisted SaaS platform. To partner with us you can get in touch with us at [email protected].

What is the pricing?

Xamplay is currently offered on a partnership based MOU depending on factors related to features made available, number of student licenses, etc. Get in touch with us to know more.

Can students achieve a good score / rank with Xamplay?

Definitely yes, we have had students who only used our online product and achieved very good ranks in the past. Some of them have even studied online for the very first time and are surprised by the results. If all the analytics features are visited and used often it can help prepare students with greater focus and effectively almost guarantee their chances of doing well.

How does it help in terms of performance, time management and progress?

The platform visually displays this information about a student's preparation through assessment. It will also give suggestions based on performance, time management tips and visual progress tracking. All test reports, quizzes and study material completed can be accessed by user profile or at a cohort level. Students can also self evaluate and see where they stand against others to make improvements. We also send out weekly performance reports and reminders to study particular topics from time to time.