Technology Roles

Angular UI/UX Developer

Consistently improve the ui and ux through a user driven approach and mindset.

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Visual Designer

Enhance the experience, look, feel and delivery of platform needs from a visual perspective.

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Backend Cloud & Database Developer

Manage cloud resources, server and database development, management and optimization.

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Machine Learning Data Scientist

Delivering insights from data using ML, data visualization, centered around exam mastery and shortcuts.

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Full Stack MEAN Developer

Capable of working with an entire web development stack. MongoDB, Express, Angular 2+ and Node JS.

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Other Roles

HR - Recruiter

Identify and recruit product evangelists to promote and win business for Xamplay.

To apply for this role please email us at - [email protected] with your resume, links and a few words about what makes you the right candidate.

Our Culture

Centered around creativity, intuitiveness and a student first ideology, we encourage a free-thinking environment and meritocracy of ideas. Any work that goes out is directly proportional to the impact it has on a student’s ability to be a high performer. We literally work very closely with our end users (students), so the impact we have can not only be known but felt throughout the organization and it's a great feeling to share!

What we do?

We are a direction and focused based learning platform that concentrates on examination hacks that are relavent to student preparation. Giving them superpowers like a great personal coach would, if they knew a student's "true performance" is a major focus and accomplishment for us. Our approach has been transformational over the past few months in helping educators accelerate the learning effort, because we help them focus on strategy.


Most students approach exams by studying almost everything without goals or expectations hoping to get through with alot of uncertanity involved. Competitive exams become very tricky to crack this way and its not a very smart thing to do. What would happen if you had direction and a strategy based on your personal performance, importance of topics and the competition when tackling a syllabus? A world of a difference!